Laura Marlowe
Tommy the Throwaway Dog by Laura Marlowe
Tommy’s owner didn’t take good care of him. Tommy, a young dog,
only knew hunger, sadness and loneliness. He was later found in a
pile of trash, hurt and confused. Thanks to a miracle and the kindness
of strangers, Tommy received the care he needed, the love he always
wanted, and the ability to trust in people.
This story, based on actual events, is sure to capture the hearts of its
readers and serve to educate and inspire children to be kind to our
animal friends.
As a child, Laura fell in love with books, poetry, and dogs.  During
her teen years, Laura began writing poetry and short stories,
became involved in animal welfare and worked to support animal
rights.  Her first published work, "Tommy the Throwaway Dog," is
especially close to her heart.  In her spare time Laura works with
various animal welfare organizations and shelters in the U.S. and
abroad, listens to international music, and travels (Australia is a
top favorite).  She resides in Southern California and enjoys caring
for her beautiful Golden Retriever, Chloe.
Tommy el Perro de Usar y Tirar by Laura Marlowe
La dueña de Tommy no le dio buen cuidado.  Tommy, un perro joven,
sólo conocía el hambre, la tristeza y la soledad.  Más tarde fue
encontrado en una pila de basura.  Gracias a un milagro y la
amabilidad de los extraños, Tommy recibió la atención que
necesitaba, el amor que siempre quiso, y capacidad de confiar en la

Esta historia, basada en eventos reales, tiene la intención de capturar
los corazones de sus lectores y servirá para educar e inspirar a los
niños a ser amables con nuestros amigos los animales.
It's wonderful to know that Tommy's
story, book and illustrations are bringing
education, inspiration and delight to the
young Spanish-speaking and
Mayan-speaking youngsters that get to
visit this local nonprofit library &
educational center.
Two hundred students and various faculty at
Villacorta Elementary in Los Angeles were
introduced to Tommy the Throwaway Dog and its
message of the value of kindness and the
importance of empathy.  The story, the book's
illustrations, and the Q&As were received with great
enthusiasm...and the author received an invitation
to revisit!
Roo B. Dee and the Lazy Day by Laura Marlowe

Roo B. Dee, a kangaroo, decides one day to do nothing at all.  Find out
what happens when Roo B. Dee chooses to be lazy!

Entertaining, educational and beautifully illustrated, Roo B. Dee and
the Lazy Day will delight youngsters aged 3-9.