Concetta M. Payne
Bobo the Race Car by Concetta M. Payne    
.....Bobo is an awesome race car. His dream is to win a big race
and be in the winner’s circle. So you can just imagine how
excited he was when he read that the Poco Race Track was
having their first big racing event.
.....He eagerly picked up the phone and called all his friends. He
was thrilled when his friends Gator, Big Foot and Saber wanted
to join him in the race.
.....During their practice laps, Bobo noticed that his friend Big
Foot was having serious problems on the track. Bobo and all his
friends knew that Big Foot needed their help, but trying to
convince Big Foot was not going to be easy.
.....Just imagine these competing race cars jeopardizing their
chances to be in the winner’s circle in order to help their friend!
Their confidence, determination and unselfish efforts to help
their friend compete in the race are inspirational.  
.....I look forward to having you enjoy my sequel to Bobo the Race
.....Concetta was born in Queens, NY and grew up in Lodi, N.J. Currently she lives
in Pocono Summit, PA with her loving husband George and works part time as an
administrative assistant at their community center. She has three grown children: a
son and two daughters along with her extended family of three grown step-sons.  
.....She has been blessed with twelve grandchildren and one great granddaughter.
Two of her youngest grandchildren inspired her to write her children’s story.  While
playing with her grandson Justin and his racing game, she thought it would be
more fun if all the racing cars had names. Her broad imagination along with her
grandson’s suggestions made her dream become a reality. Her granddaughter
Angie Bella’s intense and exuberant reaction brought joy to her heart.
.....Other past time pleasures, in addition to enjoying her family, include writing
poetry, crocheting, home décor, gardening and making inspirational angels. Her
special handmade pink angels honor those women who are battling to survive
breast cancer. The main character of her story is in memory of her mini poodle
Bobo Races on the Tricky Triangle by Concetta M. Payne
BoBo the Race Car was a little disappointed that for all his efforts to
prepare for last year’s race were not enough to put him in the Victory
Circle. But this year was going to be different!
He called all his friends asking them if they were going to compete in
the Pocono 500 Race. His friends Big Foot and Saber were getting
very excited about racing on the "Tricky Triangle" and were all ready to
The race cars heard many stories about how "tricky" the Pocono
Raceway really was. It was a most challenging race track compared
to the other tracks on which they had competed. They practiced
everyday doing lap after lap, making those "very tricky" turns as fast
as they could.
All the race cars were ready for the big event. As the Pace Car left the
track they all sped off gaining more speed. Bobo was entering his
final lap when all of a sudden he was faced with a VERY SERIOUS
Bess the Book Bus by Concetta M. Payne & Freda Roberts
Everyone calls me "Bess the Book Bus" but I am NOT A
dear friend, Jennifer Frances, named me in memory of her nana,
Bess O’Keefe. She taught Jennifer the importance and joy of
reading. Jennifer’s dream is to deliver free books to all the
children that don’t have access to them. That is why I’m a
VERY…VERY…SPECIAL BUS! When you climb on board Bess
the Book Bus, you will find stacks and stacks of children’s books
waiting to be delivered to as many children as possible. Come
on board Bess the Book Bus and I will tell you about my many
adventures as I traveled on my long and wonderful journey.
BoBo’s  New Challenge…Spike by Concetta M. Payne
BoBo was gearing up for another race day at Pocono Raceway on the
Tricky Triangle.  This year, his friend, Justin, has decided to join in.  
BoBo told Big Foot, Gator, and Saber the good news as they cheered
for their friend.  They also met another first-time entry into this year’s
race, a sleek new car named Spike.   

But it didn’t take long for BoBo to realize that Spike’s attitude could be
a problem.  His fears were confirmed during a practice run when
Spike threw caution to the wind and his rough-house tactics put
everyone in danger.  BoBo and his friends had no choice but to be
honest and tell Spike exactly how they felt.  

Do you think their talk with Spike changed his attitude?

Race day finally arrived! Who do you think drove into the Victory

What a great race and a great day.  BoBo was happy for everyone.  
But then, he was approached by a fan, a beautiful race car named
Angie.  She was so pretty that BoBo’s motor skipped.  Hmmm, do you
think BoBo has a crush?